Jazz in New York: a community of visions

Lourdes Delgado

Dates: From 07/07/2011 to 07/29/2011

Opening: 07/07/2011 - 7pm

Visiting Hours: Monday-Friday 01:00 pm - 09:00pm; Saturday 10:30 am- 3pm, Sunday: Closed



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Lourdes Delgado
on 06/23/2011 Linescapes
Inés Esnal
on 06/09/2011 The Invisible Wall
Ana de Orbegoso
on 05/19/2011 Duende
Jarrod Beck
on 04/28/2011 Revolucion(es)
Group Exhibition

The Project


The Amster Yard Project is an initiative launched by Instituto Cervantes New York which seeks to promote, develop and implement creative multidisciplinary interventions and artistic programs at the Institute’s Amster Yard location in Manhattan. Conceived as an inclusive, free and accessible working space for artists across different creative fields, The Amster Yard Project aims to activate an ongoing dialogue within the creative community about the strong presence of Hispanic culture in New York City. In its initial phase, The Amster Yard Project will invite a selection of artists to use the unique spaces of the Cervantes Institute building and grounds, by making its gallery, gardens, library, and auditorium spaces available. The Amster Yard Project will encourage an open-ended approach to site-specific installations and its accompanying programs.



To foster and encourage independent creation in the competitive and over served cultural environment of New York. To identify new talent. To provide means, space and production capabilities to promising, innovative and groundbreaking artistic projects. To become a meeting point for New York audiences interested in the arts and Culture, with Hispanic culture as a crossroads.


About Instituto Cervantes New York at Amster Yard

Instituto Cervantes is a not-for-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. Its mission is to promote the teaching of Spanish and the co-official languages of Spain, and to contribute to the advancement of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.


What´s going on


Jarrod Beck:Duende
Opening 8pm, Dates: 05/19/2011- 05/28/2011


Opening 8pm, Dates: 04/28/2011-05/04/2011


David Maroto: Lighstalker
Opening 8pm, Dates: 04/15/2011- 04/22/2011


Crea+S Cultural Producers/Evolving Roles
Panel Discussion - 7pm


Midtown Day


Eléctrica exhibition
Opening - 7pm, Dates 02/24/2011-03/26/2011


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